You can’t start tomorrow unless you finish today.

This is my bedtime mantra.

I’m sure many of you like me have trouble winding down at the end of a busy day. You brain goes into overdrive and you lay there for hours, asking yourself questions such as ; do I need milk? Did I lock the door? Why do penguins have wings but can’t fly… (we’ve all asked ourselves this at some point)

So I have developed five tips I use to help me unwind after a long day.

  1. To do list. If you use a diary or a notebook to keep track of the jobs and tasks you need to complete in a day you can cross them off as you go, then when you’re lying in bed you’re not questioning yourself about whether or not you’ve done everything. It just helps towards putting your mind at rest. 
  2. Pre plan. It’s all about organisation, plan your outfit and lunch and anything else you might need for the next day. That way you won’t be wondering if your shoes will go with that dress or if you have enough butter left for your lunch, being organised and pre planning will stop these niggling thoughts whilst trying to relax.
  3. Bedside notebook. When lying in bed I often find that I have some great ideas and thoughts or despite my best efforts I remember something I’ve forgotten to do. So having a notebook next to your bed lets you log your ideas. And no the note app on your phone is not the same thing as before you know it you’ll be Googling “why do penguins have wings but can’t fly” and ten minutes late you’ll be watching a documentary on Netflix about penguins.
  4. You time. We all forget sometimes that we need some time to ourselves, being overwhelmed is one of the main reasons we find it hard to relax and shut off. You should allow yourself at least 30 minutes a day just to be by yourself, run a bath, go for a walk, even lock yourself in the bathroom just to have a moment of peace. (I’ve done this many times before. Admittedly not for half an hour but you get the idea!) You time is important. 
  5. Your happy place. If after all of the above you’re still finding it hard to relax visualise a “happy place” this could be a beach, a forest or simply just you lying in a field. This will help your mind focus on something other than the tedious tasks in your head. And should hopefully help you drift off to sleep. 

These are my personal tips and tricks for a better nights sleep. Let me know if you have any of your own.

Sara x 


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