International women’s day.

Personally I feel the term “feminist” gets thrown around way too much. If you think the definition of a feminist means you are better than a man you are completely missing the point. Feminism or being a feminist stands for women’s equality – politically, economically, legally and socially. 

In the past I can see why the term was used a lot. It was a statement, it was empowering especially when women weren’t aloud to work, vote or well do anything without the permission of a man. However times have changed, granted not everywhere in the world. In some countries women are still subject to arranged marriages, unequal rights and genital mutation. But here in the U.K things have come a long way, this is down to women like Emmeline Pankhurst the leader of the suffrage movement. And Mary Wollstonecraft a philosopher and advocate of women’s rights.

It because of women like this who had a voice, who spoke out about equality that we as women have the rights we have today. 

I never feel the need for a man to justify my actions and nor should you, I don’t dress for a man I don’t act a certain way for a man. I am who I am and that is a strong independent woman. I can do anything a man can do.
The fact that there are people out there of either sex that still believe women are incapable and are not as strong as men mentally or physically is absurd. 

Women should stand up and be counted, I’m not gonna stand there and be told by anyone I can’t do what I want. 

I compromise with my fiancé sure but he wouldn’t dream of telling me what I can and can’t do. Because he knows what that answer would be! And I in return wouldn’t tell him what he can and cannot do, we are equal. 

Women everywhere should support and empower each other you should never feel the need to put another woman down to make yourself feel better. We should celebrate achievements together and not feel envious. Women are powerful, strong and independent. So to all the mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and friends that help make us who we are today, let’s celebrate women and what we are truly capable of achieving. 

Sara x


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