Embroidery Trend. 

Wherever you shop at the moment be it high street, designer or online the embroidery trend is everywhere.

I’m not usually one to appreciate the latest trends but this one I love! It brings back a 90’s nostalgia but as with everything it’s got better over time. It’s no longer garish patterns sewn on to ugly mom jeans but beautiful intricate florals and stunning artwork, be it girly lace, sheer fabric and suede :

Or bold colours with studs, velvet and leather to bring out your inner rock chick.

There is a embroidered item for everyone’s style. This trend has a much more elegant, refined style to it than your everyday basic printed T-shirt. And as with most you can style it up with or down to make it perfect for every occasion.

Embroidered patches for diy are also making a comeback. No longer will you have to settle with the hideous patches your dad would get your mum to sew on to his questionable denim/leather jacket.
Patches have also caught up with the times and are now also a beautiful statement.

With patches costing anywhere between £1-£10 you can customise your own clothing for a fraction of the cost of a designer item. It’s also much easier than you think with most patches being sold with a simple iron-on backing, so if you can use a iron, you’re set!

However these trends are actually not as new as you might think, and I’m not talking about when your grandma used to sit and do cross stitch while watching wheel of fortune either.

Embroidery can be traced back to 30,000 bc. Embroidered items were considered a sign of wealth and status. In eighteenth century England the skill of embroidery was seen as marking a girls path Into womanhood as well as betraying her wealth and social status.

Who knew the trend we are wearing today has such historical importance.

Will you be embracing the trend this spring? Let me know in the comments.

Sara x


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