Five reasons why adulting sucks! 

1- Bills, Sure everyone knows you’ll have to pay bills, but what people won’t tell you is how many bills you’ll actually have, Rent / Mortgage, Council Tax, Energy Bills, T.V Licence, Car Tax, MOT etc the list goes on and on and let’s face it by the time you’ve paid all of that lot you’ll be looking at your wages like “I work all month for that!?” It’s frustrating and kinda depressing but unfortunately an essential part of “adulting”.

2 – Cleaning 
It’s endless. You might think that’s a bit of an over exaggeration but I’m not kidding you I swear 99% of my adult life is cleaning. Be it at work or at home. 

You clean because people are coming round, they then make a mess and you then have to clean because people came round. I mean what the hell is that? Come on people! 

3 – Phone calls. 
If you’re like me being an actual person that can say words is hard. 

It’s not the making the phone call that bothers me, It’s the making a complete ass of myself and saying something stupid. Or worse not even being able to make sense at all. 

“Hi urm yeah I’m ringing because I need to … urm, yeah ya know. Do that thing” Like I said words are hard. 

4- Adult excitement. 
No I’m not talking sex, yeah I know what you were thinking, get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about things you’d never thought you’d actually be excited about such as when you get a new appliance – you show everyone that comes into your house and if you’re sad like me you even share pictures of it online, so everyone else can see how shiny and new it is. 

5- Caffeine 
Say hello to your new best friend. Whether it be coffee, tea or energy drinks you will find yourself consuming your own body weight in the stuff on a daily basis. 

This way you might make it to 3pm without total exhaustion kicking in. (If you’re lucky) 

Also you’ll get excited about new coffee/tea or if your favourite energy drink has a new flavour. See number 4 for reference. 
What are your adulting pet peeves? 

Let me know in the comments below. 
Sara x


8 thoughts on “Five reasons why adulting sucks! 

  1. Oh, I completely agree with number 3. I will seriously put off making any phone calls for as long as I can, simply because I hate it. And then when you have to call some professional place you feel even stupider because the receptionist (or person acting as one) is all professional and composed, while meanwhile you’re just stumbling all over your words. Fun read!


  2. Grocery shopping! Seriously, I hate it.

    Even if you don’t forget the list of stuff you need at home, there’s always something left behind. And if you feel like being responsible and planning ahead (so you won’t have to go to the store every single day…again) there’s no way in hell you’re going to want to eat whatever it was you bought on Monday for the weekend, or even on Tuesday.


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