Mothers Day with Dylon. [ad] 

Mums are the best they take care of us they teach us and most of all they love us unconditionally. Unfortunately my own mum is no longer with us. 

But I am fortunate to say I have amazing mother-in law. (Yes I’m lucky I know.) she treats me as if I’m her own and I’m eternally grateful. So this year I’ve teamed up with Dylon to make her Mother’s Day gifts. 

Because who loves hand made gifts more than mums? 

I have designed a top and a tote shopping bag. When you think of Dylon most people immediately think tie dye, but I decided to do something different. I have created a dip dye t-shirt, and striped bag. Here are my step by step instructions on how to create your own. 

The T-shirt

Firstly you need to dampen your fabric with warm water. 

Using rubber gloves dissolve your chosen colour of dye in 500ml of warm water. 
Then fill a bowl or your sink with 6 litres of warm water, add to 10tsp of salt and mix throughly. 
Slowly lower you top into the dye until the dye has reached your desired height. 

Then with a bowl of water use the brush to spread the dye up the t-shirt to create the dip dye effect. 

After that I used a different colour to blend onto the t-shirt using the brush to combine the two colours together. 

Then I waited until the dye and t-shirt was completely dry before washing it to ensure the dye didn’t run. 

The bag

For the bag the same instructions apply for mixing the dye. (See above) 

For creating the look, firstly I dampened the bag with warm water.

Then using my pain brush I simply pained my design on the bag using various coloured dyes. 

Using the warm water I then spread out the dye and blended the colours together. 

Again with the bag I let it completely dry before I washed it to stop any of the colours running together. 

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this Sunday. 26/03/17 
Treat your mum to something unique and handmade with love. 

Sara x


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