What’s in my memory box? 

I’m an extremely sentimental person and I like to keep little trinkets of things that hold a particular memory for me, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few things with you, as we all like to have a sneak peek into other people’s lives. 
I started my memory box at around 14 years old it was originally the shoe box from my first ever pair of converse, but eventually the box fell apart. So now it’s contained in a less sentimental plastic box. 

Here are a few of my favourites.

Birthday cards from the past 10+ years. From various friends and family members.

Lots of photos, this is of me and my mum when I was about 13/14. It was the middle of summer and we’d just had a water fight in the garden. 

I actually have no idea what is on this tape and have no way of playing it to find out! 

It’s probably of me standing there recording Kerrang! Radios singles chart on a Sunday night. (Yes I’m that old!) haha. 

I have many of these newspaper cut-outs that my mum saved. I was a bit (ok, a big) geek and would jump at the chance to be in the local paper. I think I was about 13 when this was taken. I still look like such a kid. 

This is my mum and dads wedding album. When they passed away I kept all of their old photo albums and this is my favourite. 

Various gig tickets. This is my first Download lanyard and my ticket from the first time I saw Green Day. 

Signing book, when we left high school we signed T-shirts, jumpers, books anything we could get our hands on. This little book is full of cute little notes my friends wrote for me. 
Are you sentimental and save everything? Do you have a memory box? I’d love to hear/see it! 
Sara x


3 thoughts on “What’s in my memory box? 

  1. I love this! I, too am very sentimental and save so many little things. I’ve said birthday cards and concert tickets since grade school. Always fun to go through! Thanks for sharing!


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