Dying my hair with Garnier Nutrisse. 

I’ve been dying my hair since i was sixteen, my natural colour is a medium brown. I’ve dyed it various different colours; black, pink, purple, but I always go back to red. It’s the colour that makes me feel myself and gives me confidence. 
I dye my hair every six to eight weeks as red washes out really easy! It’s one of the hardest colours to maintain. 

This time I decided to try Garnier Nutrisse, my hair was feeling dry and lacking shine so when I saw that this hair dye had 3 oils in it and said it would provide eight weeks anti-dryness I decided to give it ago. 
The colour it came out as is a very deep intense red a little darker than I usually dye my hair, however the shine and the moisture that it has given my hair is fantastic. It has great coverage and you’d never know I had some grey hair! 

(Yes I’m 25 and I already have grey hair!) 😂
Overall I’d say this is a fantastic hair dye for if your hair is lacking life. My colour is 5.62 -vibrant red. It’s currently only £4.50 at Boots! 

So treat yourself to a new colour this spring! 

This is not a sponsored post.

All opinions are my own.
Sara x


11 thoughts on “Dying my hair with Garnier Nutrisse. 

  1. Natalie Vinh says:

    That’s a great color! I dyed my hair red once but my hair is very dark so you could only tell in certain lighting. It looks lovely on you!


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