Selling with Depop

Depop is a great way of selling your unwanted items from clothes to household items, you can find it all! I’ve been selling and buying with Depop for about two years now. 
Whenever there’s an item I’ve wanted but missed out on in the shops my go to place to find it is Depop. I’ve found some fantastic bargains. 

These are just a few of my purchases. 

Skinny dip purse.

Disney villain tote bag.

Leather jacket & Jumper.

However as with most selling sites these days there will always be someone looking to scam you.

I’ve been a victim to this on Depop and let me tell you i was far from impressed. 

At first I was all up for swapping my items and had swapped a fair few things without problems. 

Then I swapped some of my old Killstar items in return for some jewellery, with what seemed like a lovely woman. I send out the items as promised only to get nothing back in return. So I’d lost the items and paid for postage. 

Honestly Depop were not really very helpful in trying to solve this problem.

I understood that it was my fault for trusting someone I’d never even met.

However to not immediately take action and take down her account after being told what had happened frustrated the hell out of me. 

Eventually after several days and a few emails back and forth the account was removed. 

Here are my 3 top tips for Depop so you don’t get scammed! 

1. Don’t swap anything without a ยฃ1 listing on sites like Depop. This way Depop have a live transaction on their site to prove money and goods were exchanged. 

2. Never delete your sold items until the buyer confirms that they are happy with their goods and have left you a review. 

3. Always pay for items though the site itself and never with PayPal friends and family. Again this is all so Depop have the transaction logged on their system. 
Don’t let this put you off though. I still use Depop to this day and have never had a problem since. I’m currently selling some items on Depop so go check it out! 

Search for ox_sara_xo to find my page. 

Or click here:

Checkout my sisters site too! 

Have you purchased any awesome items from Depop? 
Are you selling some stuff you’d like me to look at? 
I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.
Sara x 


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