Welcome to the jungle. 

As April is national pet month I thought I’d share with you some of our pets, any of you that have been following my blog will know that we have two cats.
However we also have some unusual pets, some pets that not everyone would be comfortable to live in the same house with.

It’s always funny to see people’s faces for the first time when they realise that you have a zoo in your spare room.

This is Phantom, Phantom is a male albino Burmese Python. The Burmese python is one of the five largest species in the world. He is native to South/South east Asia, and we feed him on fully grown rabbits.

This is Custard, Custard is a female albino Reticulated Python. She is also native to South east Asia, she is fed on smaller Rabbits and large Rats.

This is Malevolence, Malevolence is a male Carpet Python. He is native to Australia/ New Guinea/ Indonesia. He is fed on large Rats.

This is Ghost, Ghost is a male Royal Python. He is native to Africa. He is fed on medium Rats.

We also have number of Tarantulas and a Tailless Whip Scorpion.

Over the years we have also looked after various other animals including Chameleons, an Iguana, Frogs, Beetles and Centipedes.
Do you have any unusual pets?

Let me know in the comments below.
Sara x


34 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle. 

  1. How pretty they all are! Except for two cats and an elderly guinea pig I have a ten year-old Californian king snake named Nemesis. She’s much smaller than yours but considering how small our apartment is, I’m happy she’s not a Burmese python 😉

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    1. We don’t leave them alone with the cats, but they don’t really bother each other, when squaff was a kitten he used to sit and scratch at the glass and custard would strike at the glass, but I think she was just more irritated than anything. 😂


    2. Aww, that sounds like it would be wondefully entertaining. I recently got fish and was excited thinking that my cats would be mesmerized, but they don’t care one bit. On the other hand, they LOVE sitting on the screened porch ledges and watching the snakes in the yard (who are super cute, btw).

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      1. We have fish and our cats don’t care for them either.
        Our cats like to sit it the big living room window and watch the birds in the garden. They get so excited they sometimes forget that there’s actually a window there and go smashing into it! 😂
        You’re so lucky to have snakes in your backyard. We never see native snakes. x

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      2. Haha, silly cats and their window bonks! I wish I had more birds hanging around the yard like you have. I want to put in a bird bath to see if that attracts them. Snakes are pretty common in my climate, which is almost swampy, so that’s nice (the snakes, not the climate), but you get to have your own to dote on, so you’re not really missing out. We also have plenty of squirrels that harass the cats and lizards that run all over the screens (which has led to plenty of claw marks etched into my screens and the seldom kitty stuck to the screen, goofballs😝).

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      3. I might have to try that. Right now, the squirrels are seed hogs, so maybe they’ll leave the bread alone and give the birds a chance.

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  2. Hi Sara, consider my questions on your profile answered. I reached it before seeing this post. I am terrified of reptiles and spiders (though I was forced to pet a python once by a loving python owner in Malaysia) so…they have lovely names though. My penchants is for big dogs that can engulf you with unconditional love (along with bribes once in a while) 😉

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