How to sell your photographs. 

I’ve always had a love of photography, I studied it in college and I have recently regained my passion for it. There are many apps out there for selling your photos, two of my favourite apps are Twenty20 and Foap.

Twenty20 is a crowd sourced community based app where you can sell your photos to agencies, brands and designers.
It’s easy to use with a clear layout and is easy to sign up to. All you need is an email address. You can then connect your PayPal and start earning money on your photographs. It sounds easy right?

Well I don’t consider myself an amazing photographer but I’ve been on the site for about two years in and off and still haven’t managed to sell a single picture.

There’s a lot of competition. However it does inspire you to improve your photography and you can get tips from others on how to improve – what to change, how to edit better etc.

The site also hosts challenges where they are looking for photographs on a certain subject. Such as cityscapes and Local businesses. In these challenges you can submit your photo and it will be voted on by the rest of community.

Foap I.D sara_xo

Foap is another platform to sell your photographs on. Like with Twenty20 you can also enter your photographs into missions where they will be voted on. Foap host missions for brands like Bertolli, Nivea, AirAsia and Getty Images. When you first join Foap there is also a mission for best new photographer, where you can submit your best image in order to get yourself noticed.

Foap also has the option to create albums of other people’s images where if their image sells you can get a percentage of their sale by simply having it in your album. Again like with Twenty20 all you need to to is sign up with your email address and connect your PayPal.
Have you got any websites or apps where you sell your photographs?

I’d love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments below.
Sara x


3 thoughts on “How to sell your photographs. 

  1. That is a lovely idea. I signed up with a site, I forget its name. It has been that long that I have gone back and checked it! 😉 But I doubt I have sold any as well 😀 Maybe you should have a photo exhibition of yours someday. That is the best way to get people to buy your photographs. Don’t you think?

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