Kitchen Transformation.

At the start of January we decided to refit the kitchen and I can tell you now it hasn’t been as fun as it sounds. Now almost in June it’s 99% finished and I can’t wait to start the rest of the house.
When we first started the refit I didn’t have my blog and therefore didn’t take a “before” picture which now I am kicking myself for. However after trawling through my old photographs I found this one. It just shows how bad the colours were! This photo was originally taken to show off the start of my Cow collection.

Originally we had two doors into the kitchen both from the living room, so we decided that we’d rather have the extra storage space so we began by boarding up the extra door.

We then got in a electrician to add extra plug sockets, phone charging points and move the fuse box so it could be hidden in the back of a cupboard.

We then ripped out all the old units, sink, flooring and cupboards.

One side of the kitchen had the new units put in and we were left for a day with half a new kitchen and half a old kitchen. The next day the rest of the units went in. As we brought a second hand kitchen it then needed to be painted, which took around three coats of paint per unit and about two weeks to complete.

We then covered all the units and painted the walls/door and ceiling which also took about three coats of paint.

Then the new tiles were fitted, we got a new oven and then realised that we needed to extend the wiring because it didn’t reach the power outlet.

Then we could lay the flooring which took around 10 hours, and the edges and step up to the back door are still not completed.

Altogether the kitchen makeover has taken about 5 months. There are a few finishing touches like the edging around the floor. The cupboard that needs to be built to hide the water and electric meters. But overall i am so please with the transformation, I cannot wait to start the lounge. I will however remember to take better before pictures.
I’d also like to say a big thank you for everyone that help with this refit. 😊
Thanks for reading!
Sara x


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Transformation.

  1. This looks like my kitchen!!!!! LOVE the new doors! We are thinking of repainting our cupboard doors… I even bought a hand sander….. What a kick up the bum this is for me o get started!!! Looks great well done and happy cooking xxx

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