May favourites – Adulting edition. 

So this month I thought I’d mix it up a little and do a general monthly favourites rather than focusing solely on beauty. 

In my previous blog post I spoke about my kitchen being refitted so most of the things I’ve bought this month have been kitchen related. So without further ado let the adulting favourites begin! 

Firstly I’d like to show you all this beast! 

This is my new health grill. It’s made by Salter and it’s so much better than any other health grill I’ve ever used! It heats up in seconds has a easy to use temperature control and opens up all the way, so you can fit even more yummy-ness on there. Most of all it’s soo easy to clean, with previous grills they tend to leave a burnt residue behind, which is a absolute nightmare to get off, then you end up scrubbing and making it worse for next time. With this grill there is no such problem. Simply wait for it to cool and wipe it with a damp sponge and some kitchen towel and it’s clean! 

I got mine from B&M for the bargain price of £10!! Just £10 freakin’ pounds!! 

Next up is my beautiful Vax steam mop. You know you’re adulting hard when stuff like this excites you. 

Not only does it clean hard floors but it also steams your carpets to get out any nasty stains. It’s easy to use and it’s slim so storage is easy. I got mine from B&M for £29.99. B&M are banging out the bargains right now! 

Talking about bargains this beautiful lamp was £16 reduced from £47 in B&Q. 

Our old lamp in the lounge decided one morning to give me a electric shock so that had to go! While looking for a steam mop I stumbled into the B&Q sale and found this beauty. It has three plastic double globe lights and has a chrome effect stand, the lights are soft yet provide enough light to read by. 

Another kitchen favourite this month are these cute baskets we found in Boyes (£1.99 each)

They are great for serving snacks, bread or chips in. Making more room on your plate. Simply line them with some paper towels or grease proof paper, it adds a little more fun to meal times and I just love how cute they are, in fact I might have to go back and buy some more. 

Last but not least I decided to include one beauty item which is Radox feel free body wash the scent is matcha green tea and coconut water.

 It does have a very strong fragrance however it does not last the 12 hours it claims to. But non the less it’s leaves your skin very soft and the smell does last longer than most body washes. I got this from Tesco for £1.50
Hope you all enjoyed reading! 

Sara x


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