I’m 26! 

It was my birthday yesterday! I’m now the grand age of 26! Haha. Thought I’d just do a little post showing you what some lovely people bought for me.

Since we’ve had the new kitchen I have a wine rack that has been constantly empty, so I asked for wine to fill it. However I wasn’t expecting quite this much wine! But hey, I’m not complaining I am a bit of a wino after all! 

Sticking with the theme of being a wino I also got this mug.

Some new wine glasses, as mine all seem to get broken, hence why I also have plastic ones! (No I don’t get so drunk I just drop wine glasses lmao, we have cats.) 

I also got these badges from Disturbia, and this Restyle necklace. 

This bath light which you can have in the bath with you to create a more relaxing atmosphere, how cool is that?! 

My lovely fiancé Tom got me my Killstar bag which I LOVE. I haven’t used it yet though as the only place I’ve really been since I’ve had it is work. 

Tom and his family have a ongoing joke about calling me Wookie/Sasquatch/Chewy etc. So I also got this Wookie cookie jar which is amazing, I’ve been wanting it for a while and I’m so happy I’ve finally got it. 

And finally I got this cat wall hanging, cow eraser set

some beautiful flowers, chocolates and money from various people. 

Thank you to everyone that spoilt me and bought me my cards and presents. You’re all awesome and know me so well! 
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