Introducing Helga! 

Last Sunday we went on a little trip to Derby to pick up this bundle of fluff. 

This is Helga! 

Helga is four months old and is a crazy ball of energy (as most kittens are!) she is our third cat as we already have: 

Fayce – Male 

Squaff – Male 

At first the other two cats were unsure of her as she obviously smelt different and they knew she was a stranger, however we’ve had no major cat arguments which is always a good sign! Overall it has taken just under a week for them all to get on together, now they play and chase each other like she’s always been apart of the family. 

(See, she’s crazy!) 

All of our cats out rescued one way or another, I can’t stress how important it is to me that you don’t go out and spend stupid money on buying a kitten when so many of them need loving homes! 
Her are a few places you can start looking if you are thinking about adopting a kitty of your own. 


Hope you enjoyed meeting Helga! 

To find out what Mischief Helga is getting up to follow me on Twitter @SaraBr0adhurst 


14 thoughts on “Introducing Helga! 

  1. We have two little kiddies who are 6 this year…. I’d love to introduce another but really worried how they’d react. I’ve heard they can change personality and change…. Would love to know how you integrated them all!! Xx

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    • They have a grump on for a while! I’m following a girl on Twitter who’s got a new cat and her other one took two months to get on with it.
      Honestly we just put ours together and let them get on with it. You’ve just got to make sure you don’t leave the two you e already got out. Try and encourage the other cats to play with the kitten, and make sure all visitors to see the kitten greet the original kitties first, or the can get jealous and start picking on the kitten.
      Hope this helps 🙂 xx

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      • My two are right little divas and they’ve always been together… Sisters! 😍
        Id be really nervous about upsetting them and throwing them off sync… I’d just love a black or ginger kitty!! Imagine…. 3 cats may be a bit much for us though… Maybe if we move to a bigger place with more room for them to ramble….. Thank you for the tips!! xxxx

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      • Yep!! We went for one and came home with two!! They where the last ones left and we just couldn’t leave one there alone! Worked out well though, they keep each other company and one is mine and the other is his 🙂 Perfect fit!! Your guys are all so darn cute!! I love being a cat lady for sure!! xxxx

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      • That was me until i met himself!! The first cat i held was ours… can you imagine!! I was terrified at the beginning 🙂
        Now i’m the one wanting more!! thats so funny!!
        We are so that couple to and i LOVE it!!

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