Be a Bank Holiday Boss.

We have a bank holiday upon us, and the worst thing you can do is waste the day or night. Long gone are the times where its just another excuse to stay in bed and get over that hangover!
Here are three ideas of things to keep you busy this bank holiday weekend.


1.Picnic Time
Lets face it summer is not going to be here forever so this bank holiday weekend is the perfect excuse to grab a blanket and that picnic bag and spend some time with your friends, its great if you’re on a budget because you don’t even need to leave your back garden.
What you need for a perfect picnic –
The food- Most supermarkets do a great pre packed picnic range at this time of year such as sandwich platters and packs of sausage rolls or mini pasties.
If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen you could even make them yourself, checkout my Pintrest Food & Drink board for some great ideas (I always use Pintrest when i’m stuck for meal/snack ideas)
The Essentials- Obviously every picnic needs a blanket or a towel even a old bed sheet will do the job! A basket or bag to carry your food, paper plates, cups and cutlery. Don’t forget the bin bags swell to clean up after yourself.Portable speakers are great for a picnic adding some music to your picnic really sets the mood, and if you’re planning your picnic later in the evening why not take some fairy lights to add some ambience.


2. Pizza & Film night-
Order the pizzas grab the wine and have a good catch up and relax , this is what i will be doing this bank holiday weekend. Nothing beats a good gossip with your friends with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV you never have to worry about finding a film everyone will agree on. Like i said before its much better than waking up with the hangover from hell (I’m too old for that shit now!) You also have the added bonus of not crapping yourself when you check your bank balance the following day, who the hell wants to live off super noodles for the rest of the month. Why not bake some cakes for your besties or plan a pamper night?
One of my friends gave me the best idea of a swapping night – bring your clothes, home wear or cosmetics that you no longer want/need anymore and swap them with your friends this saves you some cash and you get to help the environment by not sending them to land fill!


3.The to-do list
Okay, so its not the most fun filled activity to do on your bank holiday weekend but you’ll feel SO much better when its done, write down everything that you need to do, and the things you’ve been putting off and get on with it! Clear out that wardrobe – you can even make some extra cash by selling your unwanted clothes on eBay or Depop. Pay those bills, clear out the garden and deep clean your car.
Its a fact that clutter and mess has a physiological effect on your mood, it stresses us out causes anxiety and can even cause depression! Clutter and mess just signifies all the jobs we never got around to finishing. So use this bank holiday weekend to get your life into order
After you’ve done all the jobs on your list you can treat yourself to a big fat chocolate cake or a long soak in the bath. Trust me you’ll feel so much better after you conquer that list!

Whatever you’re planning on doing with your bank holiday weekend have fun and make some time for you!
until next time,




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