How Twitter can help your blog.

I love Twitter it’s my favourite platform. I started my first Twitter account around 2009 and honestly i had no idea what i was doing. I think twitter can be quite a hard platform to master. But when you know how, it can open up a world of opportunities for your blog.

By now i’m sure everyone knows what a hastag is, but heres the low down just incase you don’t! A hastag (#) is used to group the same information under one word for example it you were on Twitter searching for Cats all you’d need to do is use a hastag infront of your search – #cats and all of the images and posts about cats would appear in one place.
PR companys offten use Twitter to recruite bloggers for their campaings and collaberations. They use hashtags such as #bloggerswanted #bloggersrequired and #prrequest. This makes it so easy to find content opportunites for your blog.


Twitter is great for bloggers new and old there are so many pages for blog support such as blog RT groups ( Pages that will retweet your posts to their audience when you use a specific hastag) This means that instead of just having your tweet reach your own followers, it reaches their followers too!
Since iv’e had my twitter for my blog iv’e been much more active on the platform and i can’t belive how nice all the bloggers are on there. They are so down to earth and helpful when you get a little stuck. The blog community on Twitter is always willing to help you out when they can. I am a member of many blog groups on Facebook but when questions are asked i feel like it can be just a reason to plug their blog to you, which is not helpful at all. Where as on Twitter i feel the responses are much more genuine and helpful.

Twitter post

Blog Traffic.
Twitter is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your blog, i’d say at least 30% of my blog traffic is from twitter. Twitter is a very personal platform and people who follow your blog want to get to know you, who you are as a person what are your likes and dislikes and Twitter is a great place to show this. It’s not all about being professional and minding your P’s & Q’s, it’s about sharing your personality with the world.
Using Twitter on a daily basis to conect with your audience, offer help to other bloggers, RT their posts and join in blog chats can really improve your online visability.
I hope this was useful and if you have any more questions i’m more than happy to try and help.
Until next time.



14 thoughts on “How Twitter can help your blog.

  1. Thank you for sharing this, sorry I couldn’t comment last night I was legit falling asleep on my keybord lol! This was so helpful, I just started my blog but I totally agree with you I think facebook groups are not helpful at all (except for the fact that I found your post :D), people never respond to treads, I spend the entire afternoon yesterday commenting on ther people’s pages and no one came to mine. I was so disappointed. Anyway,I’m adding you on twitter right now. I follow a few accounts for RT do you know some that actually work? And maybe some hashtags?
    Love, Mimi

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  2. You are so right, Sara about Twitter! I find with Instagram then people don’t really look at my blog compared to people on Twitter. Twitter is more of a personal social media platform and really helpful in connecting with other bloggers 🙂

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