Brand vs Budget

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Aldi and Lidl are well known for their replica brands.

Remember when everyone went crazy over those replica Jo Malone candles?

I regularly shop in lidl and aldi, i’m not a brand snob and have no problem in admitting i love a good bargain!

So when i was in lidl and saw this replica Herbal essence shampoo i thought id give it ago. Herbal essences is my go to shampoo, i love the smell and how soft it makes my hair.

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After using the replica Cien branded one a few times, i’ve gotta say im pretty damn impressed. It smells exactly the same as the real thing. I mean if you were to blindfold me and ask me which is which i wouldn’t be able to tell, the scent actually lasts a lot longer than the real thing too! Which i was really impressed at.

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It leaves my hair feeling just as soft as the branded shampoo, the lather is just as good too. The only downside i found to the Cien shampoo is that it’s a little harder to rinse from your hair for some reason.

But overall for half the price of the branded shampoo, you can’t go wrong,

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So if you find yourself on a bit of a budget. Or you’re just up for trying something new i’d definitely recommend giving it ago. After this positive experience i’ll definitely be trying some more of Lidls own branded beauty range!

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4 thoughts on “Brand vs Budget

  1. I’ve literally just bought this shampoo because I thought it looked just like herbal essences! I can’t wait to try it after reading this!

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