Real life – What it’s REALLY like to have no money.

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In light of the latest Youtube drama. I’ve decided to try and explain what the reality of being skint (having no money) is really like.

I haven’t watched said video as i refuse to give someone like that more views. However i have seen that many complains and conversations about it on Twitter i know everything i need to.

Having no or little money affects every aspect of your life. It puts strain and pressure on all of your relationships.

I don’t think you can know what it’s like to be skint until you can say you’ve had sleep for dinner!

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It puts pressure on the relationship with your significant other:

  • You argue about the fact you can’t go out together – cinema, meals etc.
  • You sit there in the same four walls driving each other insane.
  • Food shopping becomes a chore – You argue about eating the same shit over and over again.

It puts pressure on the relationship with your friends:

  • Again you can’t afford to go out with them.
  • They eventually stop asking you to go out and do things together.
  • They can start to believe your just not interested in spending time with them.
  • You can’t afford to chip in to group presents for birthdays or anniversaries etc.

It puts pressure on relationships if you borrow money:

  • Borrowing money is never something any relationship needs.
  • You can feel pressured to pay the money you owe back even if you can’t afford to.
  • Being in debt with a friend or family member makes you feel guilty.
  • Borrowing money makes you question your life choices and worth.

For thousands of people, everyday is a struggle. Most of these people do have jobs, sometimes maybe even two! I know what living with little or no money is like. Having to make sacrifices just to get by.

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The fact that someone who already has more money than sense (Let’s face it, in my opinion if the person in question had £3.64 they’s still have more money than sense!) would think that making a video about what it’s like to live with no money is a good idea, is beyond me! This is reality, not something to make your own income from.

Until next time,



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