Introducing Beanies.

I’m usually completely on the fence when it comes to the Tea vs Coffee debate but since trying Beanies i’ve got to admit i am leaning towards being more of a coffee kind of person!


Beanies coffee make a wide range of flavoured coffees both instant and ground, they are currently my favourite way to kick start the day, no more boring plain coffee. With flavours like Irish Cream, Cookie Dough and Creamy Caramel you’re never going to be short on choices!


This amazing flavourful coffee comes in all shapes and sizes, from one cute little jar of your favourite flavour to a box of flavours called a “stick stash” or “Variety Pack” this way you can have a different flavour every day, the sticks are also perfect to pop into your handbag as your little travel companion.

My personal favourite is Creamy Caramel, it’s so much easier to have the flavour infused into the coffee instead of using syrups to make your coffee flavoured.


Beanies coffee can be purchased from their website here, on Amazon or eBay, and currently in Aldi where i got my Variety Pack from!

If you have tried Beanies coffee and have a favourite flavour let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Until next time.



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2017 round up.

It’s a little late, but hey!

2017 was the year I decided to start blogging, it’s strange to think I’ve been doing this for almost a year. I started my blog in April and I’m honestly so proud for sticking at it. A year might not seem long to some but for me it’s a big achievement!

I finally got my new kitchen! Which was one of my first posts on my blog and is still one of the most popular, it was a hard few weeks of living off takeaways and microwave meals but it was so worth it! Check out everything that went on HERE.

I got my first brand orientated post with Dylon UK and I got to get messy designing some tie dye clothing and accessories.

I got to spoil my kitties with Purrfectbox and watch them roll around in all the goodies they received!

Then I got spoiled on my birthday an received all the wine a girl could ask for. (It didn’t last long) once a wino, always a wino!

Then there was Helga! My little bundle of pure terror and love all rolled into one! She has integrated into the family so well and we can’t imagine what life was like before her. She continues to run around the house at 2am meowing her head off. Just a good job she’s so damn cute.

I then got to work with the lovely guys over at Uncommongoods and share their amazing products, who doesn’t need a wine disguised in a handbag?!

And then there was Christmas, where again i got give all the alcohol (maybe people are trying to tell me something?) and I decided a break from blogging was in order. But now I’m back and ready for whatever 2018 has in store for me. I’m hoping for happiness, more amazing memories and new collaborations.

Until next time.

Stunning stationery with Mustard.

I have always been one of those people who loves stationery. At school me and my friends would swap our different colour gel pens and get all jealous when someone had brought a new fountain pen, yes we were geeks. But to be honest I still am a stationery geek, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

However long gone are the days of scented gel pens and unofficial Pepsi pencil cases. Stationery has now got attitude! Mustard sent me a load of stuff to check out and it certainly brightens up your mundane desk.



Lunchbox open

I mean who doesn’t need a lunchbox with a T-Rex on it? This is definitely my favourite item. With three little compartments to keep your lunch snuggly and locking lid to make sure you don’t end up with mayo everywhere. This lunchbox will fit nicely in your handbag, and that cheeky Dino face is bound to cheer you up.

Pencil Case

This mini lucky cat pencil case is a genius idea. With just enough room for a few pens and pencils it saves you lugging around stuff you really don’t need. It comes with a elastic strap on the back so you can keep it fastened to you diary or notebook, so you never have to worry about asking to borrow a pen again!

Marble Block

There’s a blogging stereotype that we all love marble stuff, and if you’re a blogger or not it’s kind of hard not to love the design of these post it notes. A step away from the usual white and copper these are breaking the mould with bright a pink swirl. Personally I feel you can never have too many post it notes!


As I’ve just said most marble designed stuff is white like these little notebooks, however these little books have plain paper in them! Why’s that so important? I hear you ask. Well, I can never seem to find a cute notebook to draw in. Most notebooks have whopping great ruled lines in, which is great for taking notes…obviously, but when I want to doodle I hate it. Now thanks to the lovely people at Mustard I have three books that are perfect for me to draw in.


Bottle open

I have seen loads of these infuser bottles I’ve been tempted to buy one a few times but never did, so I can’t wait to try this one. With its beautiful watermelon design I already feel summery, I can’t wait to fill it with Mint leaves and Lemon and sit in the sun. All I need now is a PR swimming pool, right? (Ha!)


Last but not least is this rainbow post it note set, brightening your workspace on every the dullest of days, my only complaint about this is that you have to start with the little notes and work your way to the bigger ones, otherwise I imagine they’d start to loose their stick, however not being short on post it notes it’s really a minor inconvenience for such a cute little item!

Did you fall in love with anything you’ve seen? Shop Mustard stationery and gifts Here.

**Items in this post were sent to me by Mustard for review.

All opinions of these items are my own.**

Until next time.



Still not feeling festive?

With only two weeks left till Christmas, the festive feeling should be in full swing. However if you’re still not feeling it, don’t worry I got you! Here are my top tips to get you feeling festive AF!

Christmas music!Might sounds like an obvious one but, your Christmas play list while washing the pots really helps. You’ll be singing along and have your housework done in no time. Plus if you make the playlist yourself you don’t have to listen to All I want for Christmas seventeen thousand times!

Christmas candles!

Nothing says festive like cosy nights in watching a Christmas film with some scented candles. This Frankincense Yankee Candle fills the room with a delightful merry scent.

Baileys Coffee!After being outside in this god awful weather the best thing to warm you up is a Baileys coffee, who doesn’t like Baileys though? This Tassimo coffee has no alcohol content so is perfect for putting in you flask to take to work! However after work you can just add a shot of Baileys to your normal coffee to give it that festive kick!

Hot spiced Ribena!This little beauty really ramps up the Christmas feeling served hot with a slice of orange its a great alternative to mulled wine, cause let’s face it, it might still be Christmas, but drinking mulled wine all day is still frowned upon. (Unfortunately) Spiced Ribena can be found in all good supermarkets. I snapped mine up at Lidl for £1.99!

Hope this helps with the festivities! 🎄

Until next time

It’s been a while…

yfyBlogging block?

I’ve been in a little blogging slump recently and I’ve realised it’s because my laptop is soo slow and i have no designated place to work.

A slow computer or laptop can be frustrating at the best of times let alone when you want to be creative and you can’t. I’ll sit down to start blogging and by the time everything has loaded I’m frustrated, distracted and annoyed. I actually hadn’t even realised this was why, I just subconsciously wasn’t in the mood to blog much, but when your laptop loads like it’s 1999, it takes the fun anyway!

Having a good environment really helps when you’re trying to be creative, if my house is messy I can’t blog, if the T.V is on while I’m trying to blog I just get distracted. Yes I’ve seen this episode of Friends a thousand times but Monica has a Turkey on her head. Even my cats can be distracting they are just so cute with their floofy beans. So I like to make sure I have a quiet space with no distractions maybe light a few candles and have some music on. Im also going to work on creating a little office corner somewhere so everything I need is kept altogether and organised.


If you’re not passionate about the subject you’re writing about it can be really hard to motivate yourself. I also find that having a subject to write about to begin with can be hard, I don’t want to be writing about the same shit everyone else is but sometimes it just can’t be helped. Coming up with relatable engaging content is one of my biggest drawbacks when blogging.


Things to work on:

Look after your equipment, if you need to do a update, make sure you do it and don’t just put it off until your computer blows up! (Ha)

You don’t have to blog all the time, you don’t have to punish yourself because you’ve not kept to your schedule. Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s your blog not theirs. Most of all, if you’re not loving it, take some time for you. Your blog will still be there in a week, a month a year.

Do you have any tips to keep motivated with your blog? I’d love to hear them.

Until next time


October Favourites. 

Better late than never, here are my favourites for October.

This diffuser is from Primark and was only £1 I love anything Cinnamon and it was a must buy for me, the scent it’s is more spicy than cinnamon, but it still smells amazingly Autumnal. The scent isn’t too over powering and sometimes it does need a good shake to be able to smell it properly, but it was £1! What do you expect?!

This skull plant pot and plant was from Morrisons it was a available in a variety of different colours including black and purple with sugar skull print, however my kitchen is grey so I thought white would look best, I’m unsure of what type of plant is in it but regardless it looks awesome. This was also a bargain at just £5.

I also bought this carnivorous eco system jar from Morrisons, it has a little hole in the top of the jar to catch all the nasty flies and it feed the plant! Win win! And because it’s on this jar it creates its little own eco system and barely needs water as it just condensates on the lid. Hopefully a plant I can’t kill.



Also one of my favourites for October was this Halloween display I made for my coffee table, I already had everything I needed to make this but thought it was just too cute not to share in my Spooky Favourites.

Hope you all enjoyed! Until next time.

Gifting with Uncommon Goods.

It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas, with only 10 weeks 6 days left to go! But what about the age old question of what to buy for everyone? Luckily for you, i have the answer!

Uncommon Goods is a online shop that has a staggering amount of handmade, recycled and sustainable gifts, they are also committed to animal welfare and don’t sell products that contain leathers, feathers or fur! (How great is that!)

We all know some mencan be difficult to buy for, and i’m pretty sure we’ve all heard the “I don’t want anything” saying, but here are a few ideas for the men in your life. (Y’know in case they change their mind.)

For the one’s who like to party:

First pic

This Beeropoly game would make a awesome gift your Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband or Brother. Any fan of Breaking Bad would go crazy for this chemistry cocktail set.

For the business man:

Untitled-7 copy

This calendar would fit in, in any office, and these funny plaques would make great gag gift.

women can be difficult to buy for too! We always give a list of wayy too many things and by the time we’ve got to the end we probably can’t remember what we asked for in the first place. Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for women in your life.

For the wine lovers:

Untitled-8 copy

How great is this decanter bag?, whether you like wine, prosecco or G&T, if someone bought you this for Christmas you’d bloody love it. Wouldn’t you?! And how beautiful are these iridescent unicorn glasses?

For the ones who like to pamper:

Untitled-9 copy

These birthstone gemstone soaps are so beautiful and look amazingly realistic. This lip balm kit is fantastic such a useful, thoughtful gift.

Here are the other items perfect for christmas gifts that caught my eye.

The best of the rest :

Untitled-2 copy

with gifts for pets and their owners, beards and their owners and the lovers of unicorns, gifts from Uncommon Goods will not disappoint.

I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas gift guide, let me know what you think of my choices.

**This post has been sponsored by Uncommon Goods, the pictures in this post have been used with their permission. All opinions are my own.**

Until next time.