In awe of Autumn

Here are the items im lusting after this Autumn. From fashion to fairy lights its all here.
Halloween ranges are here and i just can’t help myself, ive already purchased a few things which i shared over on my Twitter. Here are the homeware items i just can’t get enough of!

Ice Cream Party

Skull lights, £9.99 Pumpkin Mug, £7.99 Star LED , £1.50 Velvet throw £16


Ice Cream Party.jpg

Skull Draws £995 Floral Cushion £17.99 Geometric Lamp £5


Autumn beauty is all about dark natural colours and earthy scents here are the beauty items i’m dying to get my hands on!

make up

Kat von D Perfume £52 Garnier Moisturiser £7.99 Nyx Foundation  £14  Maybelline palette £11.99


The best season for fashion is here. and i’m all for it, i love the dresses mixed with fedoras and big chunky boots. Here are my fashion must haves.

Ice Cream Party (2)

Killstar Moon Bag £44.99 Killstar Fedora £39.99 Floral Dress £24.99

I hope you enjoyed my wishlist.

Untill next time.



August Favourites

I’ts that time of the month again when i show you my favourites.
I cant wait for Autumn, Halloween, cozy nights in and lots of hot chocolate.
I’m so proud of the photography in this post, i feel that since i started blogging (Only six months ago) I’ve really improved.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photographs in this post.
So, enough of my rambling lets get on with it!


I recently ran out of my spare foundation and decided that i needed to go back to my old faithful. This Max Factor facefinity powder is the best bloody foundation, i’m constantly recommending it to my friends. If you have spots this will cover them, dark circles this will cover it. Going through a break up, use this it will cover it! Ha! But seriously If you haven’t tried this yet you NEED to! I used the shade 01 Porcelain. You can buy it here.



image2 (1)
I’ve tried loads of highlighters, because i’m quite pale its quite hard to find a colour that suits me, i saw this one and thought it looked soo pretty and the colour looked quite subtle. And only costing £3.00 i decided to give it ago.
I love it, it gives your face that healthy glow without making you look like a disco ball! for anyone with pale skin id definitely recommend you trying these highlighters to find a shade you like, i mean for £3.00 you could buy them all! When i bought this highlighter and the foundation above Superdrug had a 3 for 2 on cosmetics so i got a eyeliner for free! Its a win win situation. You can buy it here.

image3 (1)
Everyone has this bottle, i know. My old water bottle had a fight with my dishwasher and lost. It said it was dishwasher proof and let me tell you, it was not. It melted and the bottom of the bottle had fused together. I was less than impressed. The moral of this story is to wash your water bottles by hand unless you’re 100% sure your dishwasher won’t eat it.
So when i was in New Look having a bit of a nose around their sale and saw this bottle i snapped it up straight away, as it was in the sale it only cost me £3.50!!
The design is simple yet beautiful, and its a great size too. I find that if i have a water bottle that i keep next to me during the day i’m a lot more likely to keep myself hydrated rather than having to keep getting up and filling a glass. Yes it might seem lazy, but who doesnt like convenience? Its also helped with my fatigue and constant hunger because if im not in the kitchen as much i’m not reaching for cake as much. And that’s always good! Haha.
I hope you liked this months favourites.
Until next time.


July Favourites. 

It’s that time again where I show my monthly favourites, July seems to have flown by, not that I’m complaining as Autumn will be slowly creeping in and that’s my all time favourite season. 

This shampoo is my ultimate favourite it leaves your hair feeling so lightweight and soft, it has a amazing fragrance and doesn’t over lather. Since using this shampoo almost over a year ago my hair feels stronger and healthier. You can find this shampoo in Home Bargains and B&M for £1! It can also be bought on Amazon. 

I’ve always loved Original Source shower gel all of them smell amazing and this one is no exception. If it’s coconut I’m buying it! The great thing about Original Source is that it’s vegan too! I honestly don’t know by now why all cosmetics are not vegan. It leaves your skin soft and refreshed and it’s a great boost for your morning shower. Right now in Tesco all Original Source shower gels are £1! 

L’Oréal skin perfection is designed to help skin imperfections such as large pores or uneven skin, I have been using this for less than a month and I am already noticing a big improvement to my skin. My pores are smaller and my face has a more every skin tone with less red patches, I’m really impressed and it’s definitely going to be something I keep buying. It’s around £6-£8 depending on tee store.

Mitchum roll on is one of the best deodorants I’ve ever used the scent isn’t overwhelming it’s floral and delicate and it doesn’t leave white marks on clothes. It doesn’t need to be reapplied thought the day as it last for 24 hours. Mitchum had a whole range of deodorants from roll ons to sprays Prices for this Deodorant range from £2-4. 

Thanks for reading I hop you enjoyed my July favourites. 

Batiste 2in1 review. 

Batiste has always been my go to dry shampoo. Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried others but they just don’t work for me. 

Having Red hair it’s really hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave behind that nasty white residue and leave me looking like I have grey hair, no matter how many times I try and brush it though. 

When I saw that TRND had a campaign for trialling the new Batiste 2in1 dry shampoo and conditioner, I jumped at the chance to apply. I made it into the trial team and received my free Batiste 2in1 to try, one for me and one to give to a friend. I received the cocoa & cashmere and gave the vanilla and passionflower one away. 

On first impression the bottle has a beautiful design and is slightly different to the original dry shampoos. The fragrance is rich and exotic with a hint of chocolate. It smells luxurious and like it should cost a lot more than it does. 

Because of its invisible spray and the fact it feels less like talcum powder it’s less absorbent than the original shampoos but a light spray all over your hair, still does a great job at giving your hair some of its life back. Just don’t get carried away and stand there spraying a tonne of it onto your roots because I find they will end up greasier than when you started, which is the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a dry shampoo. However according to Batiste we’ve all been using dry shampoo wrong anyway! 
Batiste advise you to spray mid-length of your hair and comb/brush though from root to tip. Who knew?! 

The conditioner in it reacts differently with your hair than you’d expect, the conditioner which claims to last for 18 hours doesn’t dry out your hair like normal dry shampoo does. It provides a more subtle bouncy texture, which is great for if your hair just needs a little encouragement to behave! (We’ve all been there!) 

Overall I’d say this is a good product for working alongside your daily hair routine to give your hair a extra boost but I won’t be replacing my normal Batiste dry shampoo with it, it doesn’t have the same appeal, and for days where you want to just spray and go stick to the original! Why fix what isn’t broken? 

Let me know if you’ve tried Batiste 2in1 for yourself, what do you think? 
Thanks for reading! 

April beauty favourites.

Here are my April beauty favourites:  

Nutrogena hydro boost water gel is a life saver if you suffer from dry skin, I use this as a primer as it restores the moisture in your face and stops your foundation looking cakey. It hydrates your face without being oily. It leaves your skin feeling smooth with a beautiful glow. It’s available from Superdrug for £12.99.

Nuxe cremè prodigieuse is anti fatigue/stress cream. I used this for under my eyes as it stops the skin looking dry and dark, so if you’ve pulled an all nighter, no one will ever know. It also mattifies the skin so can also be used as a primer. It also smells amazing. The full size tube is available from Look fantastic for £21.00 

Palmers flip lip butter is available in multiple flavours I chose the coconut one, it smells like a tropical holiday dream! Its incredible at restoring moisture into dried cracked lips. It contains no parabens and no gluten! It’s a summer must have and is available in Superdrug for £4.99 

I always find it quite difficult to find a foundation that doesn’t dry out my skin and age me beyond my years but Maybelline fit me does the job, it’s a medium coverage foundation and lasts a good portion of the day without needing to be reapplied. It’s also a absolute bargain as It’s available at Superdrug for £6.99
Thank you for reading 

Sara x

Skull collection.

One of my favourite things to collect is items with skulls on. However I feel it’s hard to find items that aren’t childish or garish. 

You can have skull items that don’t make it look like you’ve just fell head first into a fancy dress shop. Here are a few of my favourites. 

Ages ago Wilko had a skull collection and in my opinion they got it right! This is a cup from their collection. I love the scribble design and the simplicity of it. I have four or these in total and I also have the cushions to match. 

(My cats have shredded these to bits so they don’t look so great now, but I can’t bring myself to throw them out yet) 

Zara are great for skull items that don’t over do it. This lightweight jumper was purchased last year and is a great item for spring. Again the design is simple and it looks great with a pair of black skinny jeans. 

This large plate/trinket tray was purchased from Tk Maxx at Halloween! 

Tk Maxx always nails it’s Halloween decor. It’s great if you like spooky house ware all year round.  

It’s currently on my dressing table with bits and bobs in. However it will eventually go on the wall of my landing. 

This smaller trinket tray is also from Tk Maxx and also lives on my dressing table and has my rings and any spare change I find whilst doing the laundry. 

These shoes are from deichmann shoes and are currently my favourite shoes. They are suede and have diamanté skulls. These are great with a skater dress. 

Before I even smelt this perfume I needed it just for the bottle alone! The fact the perfume smells great too is a bonus for me. 

This bottle looks great on my dressing table and it’s such a gorgeous colour. This is currently the only one I have however I will be collecting the set. 

Like with the perfume I purchased this Kat Von D pallet for the packaging as much as the colours. As you can see I use it regularly and the colours are extremely pigmented. I also love the purple one of these but unfortunately I doubt I’d use any of the colours at all. 
Do you have any skull items you think I’d like? 
Please let me know if any are still available to purchase 💀
Sara x

Dying my hair with Garnier Nutrisse. 

I’ve been dying my hair since i was sixteen, my natural colour is a medium brown. I’ve dyed it various different colours; black, pink, purple, but I always go back to red. It’s the colour that makes me feel myself and gives me confidence. 
I dye my hair every six to eight weeks as red washes out really easy! It’s one of the hardest colours to maintain. 

This time I decided to try Garnier Nutrisse, my hair was feeling dry and lacking shine so when I saw that this hair dye had 3 oils in it and said it would provide eight weeks anti-dryness I decided to give it ago. 
The colour it came out as is a very deep intense red a little darker than I usually dye my hair, however the shine and the moisture that it has given my hair is fantastic. It has great coverage and you’d never know I had some grey hair! 

(Yes I’m 25 and I already have grey hair!) 😂
Overall I’d say this is a fantastic hair dye for if your hair is lacking life. My colour is 5.62 -vibrant red. It’s currently only £4.50 at Boots! 

So treat yourself to a new colour this spring! 

This is not a sponsored post.

All opinions are my own.
Sara x