It’s been a while…

yfyBlogging block?

I’ve been in a little blogging slump recently and I’ve realised it’s because my laptop is soo slow and i have no designated place to work.

A slow computer or laptop can be frustrating at the best of times let alone when you want to be creative and you can’t. I’ll sit down to start blogging and by the time everything has loaded I’m frustrated, distracted and annoyed.ย I actually hadn’t even realised this was why, I just subconsciously wasn’t in the mood to blog much, but when your laptop loads like it’s 1999, it takes the fun anyway!

Having a good environment really helps when you’re trying to be creative, if my house is messy I can’t blog, if the T.V is on while I’m trying to blog I just get distracted. Yes I’ve seen this episode of Friends a thousand times but Monica has a Turkey on her head.ย Even my cats can be distracting they are just so cute with their floofy beans.ย So I like to make sure I have a quiet space with no distractions maybe light a few candles and have some music on. Im also going to work on creating a little office corner somewhere so everything I need is kept altogether and organised.


If you’re not passionate about the subject you’re writing about it can be really hard to motivate yourself.ย I also find that having a subject to write about to begin with can be hard, I don’t want to be writing about the same shit everyone else is but sometimes it just can’t be helped. Coming up with relatable engaging content is one of my biggest drawbacks when blogging.


Things to work on:

Look after your equipment, if you need to do a update, make sure you do it and don’t just put it off until your computer blows up! (Ha)

You don’t have to blog all the time, you don’t have to punish yourself because you’ve not kept to your schedule.ย Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s your blog not theirs.ย Most of all, if you’re not loving it, take some time for you. Your blog will still be there in a week, a month a year.

Do you have any tips to keep motivated with your blog? I’d love to hear them.

Until next time



Photo editing explained.

Blog photography can be hard, everyones images always look so professional and well edited. I feel since i started my blog i have really improved my photography. I did a photography course at college but by the time i started my blog i’d forgotten most of it, and had to re-learn everything all over again.
I use the apps ColorStory and Facetune 2 to edit my photos and i have recently got photoshop, so my editing will hopefully get better.


Your don’t have to use expensive props or photoshop to get good photos for your blog. it’s mostly to do with composition and lighting here the only items i used are things i already had lying about the house. Who knew a plate could be a great prop for your photographs?! All you need to do is get a little creative.

In this photo i simply laid out the items on a plate and used some jewellery for texture in the background added some artificial leaves i had lying about, and focused in on the highlighter.

ColorStory has some great filters – Ice Ice is my favourite filter it sharpens up your image and automatically saturates the colours it’s such a simple yet effect way of editing. If you’d like a bit more control over your editing there are also tools on this app that let you manually edit things like saturation etc.
Facetune 2 is one of the best apps i have found for editing photos, and not just for your blog. I also use this app for editing my Depop images.
There is a whiten tool which is amazing for editing your background, you can take a picture and it might not have the best lighting but with this tool no-one would ever know!
This app also have four categories of free filters, The “no filter” filters are my favourite you can add a subtle change to images without making it look over edited.

Hope you enjoyed my tips. If you have any of your own i’d love to hear them.

Until next time.