April favourites & Highlights.

April sure did fly by fast huh? Here are my favourites and highlights  from the past month.


Let’s begin with my greatest find this month. This coffee is from Aldi and it’s one of the best ground coffees i’ve ever had, it’s so smooth in taste and it’s not too strong. With undertones of caramel and chocolate it’s so delicious.


Another great find this month is Method cleaning products, i wrote a whole post on how fantastic their stuff is! Check it out here.


I also got involved in National Stationery week, which i had so much fun with! I’m a massive stationery fan i really enjoyed writing my post about what it’s all about.



One of my best friends got married this month and i got the honour of being her bridesmaid, it was a fantastic day and we all had a really good time.


unnamed (1).jpg

My other friend celebrated her two year anniversary with her husband. I also had the honour of being her bridesmaid too!


I finally got around to starting an Instagram for my blog, and reached my first milestone of 100 followers! Instagram is notoriously hard to grow your audience on so, im really happy with the progress so far.


I hope you enjoyed your April, Until next time.



August Favourites

I’ts that time of the month again when i show you my favourites.
I cant wait for Autumn, Halloween, cozy nights in and lots of hot chocolate.
I’m so proud of the photography in this post, i feel that since i started blogging (Only six months ago) I’ve really improved.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the photographs in this post.
So, enough of my rambling lets get on with it!


I recently ran out of my spare foundation and decided that i needed to go back to my old faithful. This Max Factor facefinity powder is the best bloody foundation, i’m constantly recommending it to my friends. If you have spots this will cover them, dark circles this will cover it. Going through a break up, use this it will cover it! Ha! But seriously If you haven’t tried this yet you NEED to! I used the shade 01 Porcelain. You can buy it here.



image2 (1)
I’ve tried loads of highlighters, because i’m quite pale its quite hard to find a colour that suits me, i saw this one and thought it looked soo pretty and the colour looked quite subtle. And only costing £3.00 i decided to give it ago.
I love it, it gives your face that healthy glow without making you look like a disco ball! for anyone with pale skin id definitely recommend you trying these highlighters to find a shade you like, i mean for £3.00 you could buy them all! When i bought this highlighter and the foundation above Superdrug had a 3 for 2 on cosmetics so i got a eyeliner for free! Its a win win situation. You can buy it here.

image3 (1)
Everyone has this bottle, i know. My old water bottle had a fight with my dishwasher and lost. It said it was dishwasher proof and let me tell you, it was not. It melted and the bottom of the bottle had fused together. I was less than impressed. The moral of this story is to wash your water bottles by hand unless you’re 100% sure your dishwasher won’t eat it.
So when i was in New Look having a bit of a nose around their sale and saw this bottle i snapped it up straight away, as it was in the sale it only cost me £3.50!!
The design is simple yet beautiful, and its a great size too. I find that if i have a water bottle that i keep next to me during the day i’m a lot more likely to keep myself hydrated rather than having to keep getting up and filling a glass. Yes it might seem lazy, but who doesnt like convenience? Its also helped with my fatigue and constant hunger because if im not in the kitchen as much i’m not reaching for cake as much. And that’s always good! Haha.
I hope you liked this months favourites.
Until next time.


July Favourites. 

It’s that time again where I show my monthly favourites, July seems to have flown by, not that I’m complaining as Autumn will be slowly creeping in and that’s my all time favourite season. 

This shampoo is my ultimate favourite it leaves your hair feeling so lightweight and soft, it has a amazing fragrance and doesn’t over lather. Since using this shampoo almost over a year ago my hair feels stronger and healthier. You can find this shampoo in Home Bargains and B&M for £1! It can also be bought on Amazon. 

I’ve always loved Original Source shower gel all of them smell amazing and this one is no exception. If it’s coconut I’m buying it! The great thing about Original Source is that it’s vegan too! I honestly don’t know by now why all cosmetics are not vegan. It leaves your skin soft and refreshed and it’s a great boost for your morning shower. Right now in Tesco all Original Source shower gels are £1! 

L’Oréal skin perfection is designed to help skin imperfections such as large pores or uneven skin, I have been using this for less than a month and I am already noticing a big improvement to my skin. My pores are smaller and my face has a more every skin tone with less red patches, I’m really impressed and it’s definitely going to be something I keep buying. It’s around £6-£8 depending on tee store.

Mitchum roll on is one of the best deodorants I’ve ever used the scent isn’t overwhelming it’s floral and delicate and it doesn’t leave white marks on clothes. It doesn’t need to be reapplied thought the day as it last for 24 hours. Mitchum had a whole range of deodorants from roll ons to sprays Prices for this Deodorant range from £2-4. 

Thanks for reading I hop you enjoyed my July favourites. 

May favourites – Adulting edition. 

So this month I thought I’d mix it up a little and do a general monthly favourites rather than focusing solely on beauty. 

In my previous blog post I spoke about my kitchen being refitted so most of the things I’ve bought this month have been kitchen related. So without further ado let the adulting favourites begin! 

Firstly I’d like to show you all this beast! 

This is my new health grill. It’s made by Salter and it’s so much better than any other health grill I’ve ever used! It heats up in seconds has a easy to use temperature control and opens up all the way, so you can fit even more yummy-ness on there. Most of all it’s soo easy to clean, with previous grills they tend to leave a burnt residue behind, which is a absolute nightmare to get off, then you end up scrubbing and making it worse for next time. With this grill there is no such problem. Simply wait for it to cool and wipe it with a damp sponge and some kitchen towel and it’s clean! 

I got mine from B&M for the bargain price of £10!! Just £10 freakin’ pounds!! 

Next up is my beautiful Vax steam mop. You know you’re adulting hard when stuff like this excites you. 

Not only does it clean hard floors but it also steams your carpets to get out any nasty stains. It’s easy to use and it’s slim so storage is easy. I got mine from B&M for £29.99. B&M are banging out the bargains right now! 

Talking about bargains this beautiful lamp was £16 reduced from £47 in B&Q. 

Our old lamp in the lounge decided one morning to give me a electric shock so that had to go! While looking for a steam mop I stumbled into the B&Q sale and found this beauty. It has three plastic double globe lights and has a chrome effect stand, the lights are soft yet provide enough light to read by. 

Another kitchen favourite this month are these cute baskets we found in Boyes (£1.99 each)

They are great for serving snacks, bread or chips in. Making more room on your plate. Simply line them with some paper towels or grease proof paper, it adds a little more fun to meal times and I just love how cute they are, in fact I might have to go back and buy some more. 

Last but not least I decided to include one beauty item which is Radox feel free body wash the scent is matcha green tea and coconut water.

 It does have a very strong fragrance however it does not last the 12 hours it claims to. But non the less it’s leaves your skin very soft and the smell does last longer than most body washes. I got this from Tesco for £1.50
Hope you all enjoyed reading! 

Sara x

April beauty favourites.

Here are my April beauty favourites:  

Nutrogena hydro boost water gel is a life saver if you suffer from dry skin, I use this as a primer as it restores the moisture in your face and stops your foundation looking cakey. It hydrates your face without being oily. It leaves your skin feeling smooth with a beautiful glow. It’s available from Superdrug for £12.99.

Nuxe cremè prodigieuse is anti fatigue/stress cream. I used this for under my eyes as it stops the skin looking dry and dark, so if you’ve pulled an all nighter, no one will ever know. It also mattifies the skin so can also be used as a primer. It also smells amazing. The full size tube is available from Look fantastic for £21.00 

Palmers flip lip butter is available in multiple flavours I chose the coconut one, it smells like a tropical holiday dream! Its incredible at restoring moisture into dried cracked lips. It contains no parabens and no gluten! It’s a summer must have and is available in Superdrug for £4.99 

I always find it quite difficult to find a foundation that doesn’t dry out my skin and age me beyond my years but Maybelline fit me does the job, it’s a medium coverage foundation and lasts a good portion of the day without needing to be reapplied. It’s also a absolute bargain as It’s available at Superdrug for £6.99
Thank you for reading 

Sara x

March Favourites.

March beauty Favourites

Garnier’s new face mask is brilliant! For someone like me who has dry skin, finding something that really works to put moisture back into your skin is a challenge. But with this 15 minute face mask it couldn’t be simpler. It’s leaves your skin soft and moisturised without being oily. Find it now in Boots for the amazing price of only 99p! 

I’ve got to admit I’m slightly addicted to buying makeup brushes, let’s face it you can never have too many!So when I spotted this one in TkMaxx for £4 I couldn’t resist, it’s a powder brush which is made from 100% recycled material. It’s by a brand called SoEco and is so incredibly soft! I’ll definitely be on the look out for the rest of this brush set. 

My usual go to dry shampoo is Batiste, but when it was out of stock and I desperately needed to grab some more, I picked up this Girlz Only one, which I have never heard of before. But let me tell you having red hair and spraying white dry shampoo on your hair can leave you looking like you have the worst case of dandruff ever! But this dry shampoo blends in so well that I don’t have to worry about that any longer. It also smells amazing! Girlz Only dry shampoo is available at Tesco for a bargain price of £1.50. 

Continuing with the issue of dry skin, this month I decided to try Simples bubble bath as Simple is a brilliant brand for sensitive skin. I was impressed with the lather that this bubble bath created and was gentle on my skin helping to restore some much needed moisture. It’s only slightly scented so doesn’t overwhelm you. I couldn’t recommend it more if you have dry/sensitive skin. It’s available at Boots £2.10 for 400ml. 

Hope you enjoyed my March Favourites! 
Sara x 

February Favourites.

These are my beauty Favourites for February :

New Look – Dusk 100ml

This perfume from New Look is one of my favourite beauty finds at the amazing price of £12.99 for a eau de parfume you just can’t go wrong, it has a strong oriental fragrance of Iris, Jasmin and Patchouli. I get so many compliments when wearing this fragrance, and when I tell people it’s a New look fragrance it blows their mind. Just yesterday I got asked if I was wearing Jimmy Choo perfume! (You should have seen the look on her face when I said it was from New look)

The New look perfume range has something for everyone but “Dusk” is by far my favourite. It comes in 100ml and 50ml (just £8.99) which is a perfect size for your handbag.
Superdrug – Badedas 300ml

My next favourite is Badedas bath gelee, it is made with extract of Horse Chestnut it has the most amazing relaxing scent ever! After a long day at work there is nothing better than having a long hot bath with this gelee. Don’t get me wrong it’s a little more pricey than your run of the mill bubble bath but it’s so worth it! It leaves you skin soft and smelling like you’re a woodland fairy. For a 300ml bottle from Superdrug it’s currently £5.69 which is a complete bargain! So next time you need to relax go treat yourself to some Badedas.
Superdrug – Beverly-Hills Formula Charcoal Activated

And last but not least is Beverly Hills Formula: Activated charcoal toothpaste. I love this stuff, it did take me a couple of days to get used to the fact I’m brushing my teeth with black toothpaste to get whiter teeth, but my god it works! I don’t know about you but I can’t stand that rough feeling on your teeth cause by plaque, and after a fizzy drink or sugary treat I guess we’re all used to it, but not anymore! I use this toothpaste in the morning and by 5/6 o’clock I still have squeaky clean teeth it’s awesome. The flavour isn’t too strong either so you’re not stood there brushing your teeth with watering eyes. (We’ve all been there) this was a impulse buy and I’m so glad I brought it, for a 100ml tube it’s currently only £2.48 in Superdrug! For that price everyone can have sparkly white clean teeth!

These have been my February Favourites let me know if you’ve tried any of them and what your opinions are.

Sara x

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