Instagram- Blessing or burdened?

There is no doubt about it, instagram can open the way to some amazing opportunities for your blog, however constantly comparing yourself to others, worrying about stats and trying to portray the perfect instagram life is all hard work, is it really worth it?

Personally I enjoy all social media more when I’m posting stuff I enjoy and not worrying about the number of likes or followers I have.


Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ll know half the problem with instagram is the algorithm and the other half the problem is people buying followers. I mean how sad to you have to be that you spend your hard earned cash on looking popular?! It’s beyond me!

Untitled design

I’ve noticed recently that some PR companies are really cracking down on people who have “fake” followers. Which is fantastic for those of us that actually work hard for our readers and engagement. I’ve seen many post about “micro influencers” having a better engagement with their following than some people with 25k followers. I know I’d rather have 100 people who are following my social media because they genuinely enjoy my content than 25k who don’t.

So don’t let the numbers get you down, enjoy your social media and post for you, not for likes.

Until next time.



Real life – blogging with the bare minimum

This is the first post in a Real life series i have planned about the life behind the pretty photos and the “blogger” image.

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I don’t have a fancy laptop and i dont have the best phone, in fact my laptop is around ten years old. And my phone is a iPhone 5s. This is not a pity post by any means, if anything this is (hopefully) going to be inspiring.

I have been blogging for just over a year now, and yes it is the hard work that everyone says it is. And not having the best stuff to blog with makes it’s a little bit harder, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.

I can’t afford my own domain or hosting and i’m not in a position to buy all the latest things to review, but i don’t let this get me down.

I don’t have a camera and i take all my photos on my phone. I use various apps to edit and improve the image, check them out here.

unnamed (5)

I’ll be honest, when i started blogging i had no idea what i was doing, and i’m still learning a year on. I’m not the best at it, and i’m most definitely not the most popular but in a world where it’s all about followers and numbers rather than content. I have made the decision to not to focus on that, i started my blog as something for me and i’m not going to let the numbers get me down.

unnamed (4)

The reality of blogging is that it’s hard work it’s constant promotion, ten million photos of exactly the same thing, lots of photo editing, wondering if you’re good enough and if anyone is actually going to read your latest post. It’s definitely not as glamorous as we make it look. (Ha)  Despite all of this, i’ve had some fantastic opportunities because of my blog, i’ve met some amazing people and i’ve pushed myself to work harder and i’m more determined than ever to keep at this and make it work.


Until next time.






April favourites & Highlights.

April sure did fly by fast huh? Here are my favourites and highlights  from the past month.


Let’s begin with my greatest find this month. This coffee is from Aldi and it’s one of the best ground coffees i’ve ever had, it’s so smooth in taste and it’s not too strong. With undertones of caramel and chocolate it’s so delicious.


Another great find this month is Method cleaning products, i wrote a whole post on how fantastic their stuff is! Check it out here.


I also got involved in National Stationery week, which i had so much fun with! I’m a massive stationery fan i really enjoyed writing my post about what it’s all about.



One of my best friends got married this month and i got the honour of being her bridesmaid, it was a fantastic day and we all had a really good time.


unnamed (1).jpg

My other friend celebrated her two year anniversary with her husband. I also had the honour of being her bridesmaid too!


I finally got around to starting an Instagram for my blog, and reached my first milestone of 100 followers! Instagram is notoriously hard to grow your audience on so, im really happy with the progress so far.


I hope you enjoyed your April, Until next time.


Celebrating National Stationery Week


National stationery week is now on it’s seventh year, its purpose is to encourage more people to write by hand.

Personally i’m a bit of a stationery geek and when i got an email from the guys over at nat stat week and Mustard, to get involved i couldn’t refuse. There is just something so therapeutic about sitting and drawing or writing down your thoughts and feelings. Let’s go back to doing stuff the old fashioned way, where making a birthday card or writing someone a special letter really means something.

Stationery isn’t what is used to be.

It’s better! With amazing designs Santoro’s adorable range of stationery is impossible not to love. Santoro is world renowned for it’s cute designs, eclectic homeware and 3D greeting cards


As for Mustard they have nailed the modern take on Stationery, with quirky colourful designs it’s bound to always put a smile on your face, I love Mustard’s creations and previously did a review on some of their stuff.

Mustard Title

Stationery also makes a fabulous gift. The Bailey Black Lacquer pen is the perfect gift for the men in your life, Father to Brother they would love to receive this beautiful pen as a gift. Covered by a lifetime mechanical guarantee it’s sure to be enjoyed by all generations.


If you love stationery as much as i do then why not head to the London stationery show which runs this week on the 24-25 of April, and if you can’t make it to this one don’t worry their is also on in Manchester from 9-10 of October!


London stationery show has the world’s largest selection of writing products and paper under one roof. If that doesn’t sound like a great day out, i don’t know what does!

Here are some of the companies taking part in this amazing week of stationery.

*Items in this post we’re gifted by national stationery week & Mustard*

Spectrum noir, Staedtler, Mustard, Santoro, nu, Cross.

Until next time.


Spring cleaning with Method


I’m not a big fan of tidying, but cleaning I love, it’s something I can really get into and forget about everything else that’s going on in my life. Bang on some music, open the windows and get cleaning!

I have recently noticed lots of people, including Louise Pentland raving about Method cleaning products. So I thought I’d give it ago.

Now after using their products for about a month I can see what all the fuss is about!


For a start all of these sprays and the washing up liquid smell amazing! Especially the minty bathroom one! It leaves your bathroom smelling like a lush bath bomb!!

They are also environmentally friendly. Their packaging is made from recycled plastic and their non toxic cleaners are biodegradable.


Having three cats that make more mess than you’d believe having a cleaner that’s non toxic puts my mind at rest, you can never be too sure one of them isn’t walking around of the freshly sprayed kitchen side!

I love Method’s cleaning range as you can tell and I highly recommend it!

Until next time.


*This post is not sponsored all opinions are my own.*

Stylish design and a chance to win with Old English Company.

If you’re looking for beautiful home wear or stationery, I’ve got you covered, whether it’s a gift for someone or you’re treating yourself look no further than Old English Company! Their Stunning hand lettered designs are affordable, stylish and impossible not to love. They are all made right here in the England!

Here are a few of my favourites!


This A5 planner is one of the ones up for grabs in the competition! Shop here.





The old English print company is currently holding a competition to celebrate world stationery day, where you can win the set of amazing planners below. So what are you waiting for? The competition ends on the 26 April 2018. Enter here.





If you’d like to find out more about the Old English Company you can follow them on the links below.





Until next time.


My best finds from AliExpress

I’ve mentioned Aliexpress in one of my previous post but if you’ve never heard of it before, AliExpress is a Chinese marketplace like eBay or Amazon however its a fraction of the price, it sells everything from clothes to homewear.

Here are my top tips for shopping on AliExpress… ALWAYS check the reviews not everything is as good as it seems.

Watch out for fakes, everyone knows that China is famous for its knock offs and Ali is no exception so be vigilant and like i’ve just said check the reviews.

And finally postage takes between one and two months depending on the delivery option that you have chosen, so you have got to be patient, however if you haven’t received the item you have ordered in the allotted time frame then you can claim your money back very easily.


Here are my all time favourite AliExpress purchases.


I bloody love these cushion covers, they might not be to everyone’s taste but i have always love GodMachines artwork. Yes, i know they are not official and im not supporting the artist i love by buying them however the artist himself doesn’t make these and i just couldn’t bare the thought of not having them. They were around £2.50 each which is an absolute bargain! The image is printed on Hessian type fabric and is actually some of the best quality cushion covers i have received from Ali.


These Pin badges are sold for a great price ranging from 90p-£2 each here are some of my favourite ones i have collected so far, i have actually purchased more today, i put these on my leather jacket and i have that many i am actually running out of space…just another reason to buy another jacket though right?


AliExpress jewelry is also a fraction of the price, however most of it is not genuine 925 silver but if you’re not too bothered about that then there are some awesome items to be had! This moon necklace is amazing it’s not genuine silver however its a statement piece and i love it!


Have you got any AliExpress finds? Let me know.

Until next time.